Colour Pencils - Sustainable Timber

$39.99 AUD



Colour pencils are a delight to use and brighten up our lives. Like all products however, their manufacture should take place in an environmentally responsible way. Many pencils sold cheaply in Australia today are encased in rainforest timbers from South-East Asia. Their cost does not reflect the true cost of unsustainable forestry practices. Nor are many of the timbers used truly suitable for pencils - poor sharpening, splintering and breakage are the consequences.

These pencils are encased in untreated purpose-grown timber from sustainably-managed forests. No paint or lacquer has been used on the wooden body of the pencils. Colours are high quality, smooth and safe (non-toxic), conforming to stringent European standards. The pencils are easy to sharpen and resist breakage/splintering.

Our sustainable timber range includes, extra thick rainbow colour pencils and standard colour pencils.

Range includes

a) Sustainable Timber Extra Thick Rainbow Colour Pencils - set of 12. 4 colours in each pencil- Red, blue, green, yellow. Very popular with kids.

b) FSC-CERTIFIED Standard Colour Pencils - Tube of 12

 Easy to use and long lasting.


Shipping- within 7-10 business days. Ships from Melbourne,Australia. 

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