2 Pack Bamboo Cotton Earbuds & Natural Body Loofah Set

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A simple change is all it takes to make the world a better place.

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Remember the photo of the little sea horse wrapped around a plastic earbud. Heartbreaking isn't it? Plastic earbuds are composed largely of the plastic polypropylene hence a part of the wider plastic pollution problem. These bamboo earbuds are a crying need of the hour and it may be a while till we eliminate all of the plastic buds but we can start the process. Pack also includes two biodegradable body loofahs to replace your plastic loofahs.

Making a Difference

Biodegradable earbuds won't harm sea creatures if they land up in the sea. The planet will thank you.


  • 200 pieces per box. Total 400 bamboo earbuds
  • Material : Cotton & Bamboo
  • Natural  loofah made from plant fibers..Soak and squeeze to soften before use.

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